Resin roofing
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Professional roofing repairs in Kerry and Limerick. We provide professional installation of roofs, flat roofs, skylights and emergency repairs due to storm damage.

This roofing project we replaced the roof and skylight. We also added resin for a high quality seal against the elements. Before we started the project there were multiple areas that water had found its way under the tiling and leaked inside the house.

Before & After

Roofing repairs homeline constructionResin roofing
Roofing repairs homeline construction

All old sections of the roof have been removed

The completed roof with skylight installation and resin coating for weather resistance.

Resin roofing

Another project fully completed.

We are available for roof repairs throughout Limerick and County Kerry. All work is completed to a high standard. No shortcuts and a guarantee on all of our work.

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We are available for emergency roof repairs and weather proofing your roof.